INTCNV(1) General Commands INTCNV(1)

intcnv - convert integer into various forms

intcnv [-b] integer

The intcnv utility converts the specified octal (base-8), decimal (base-10), or hexadecimal (base-16) integer into its binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal forms by default. Then, intcnv writes those results to the standard output.

The following option is available:

Causes integer to be taken in binary (base-2) form.

The intcnv utility exits with one of the following values:
The conversion was successful.
An error was detected.


Jeffrey Allen Neitzel <> wrote this implementation of the intcnv command and maintains it as intcnv(1).

See either the LICENSE file, which is distributed with intcnv, or for full details.
April 29, 2019 intcnv-current